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Foundation is made up of antic period reenactors, living all over the country. They are in a different age, have different professions, some are still studying. However they share the same passion which are expressing through Fundation "Terra Operta"

Foundation consists of:

Artur Wieliczko (Dracus Valerius)

Depending at actual need either roman senator, or amber route trader, or even antic slave mangones. About roman slavery can tale a story like no one else.
President of the Foundation

Małgorzata Joanna Rakalska (Hersilia Sabina)

Can be roman domina, or “wise woman”, or priestess. Her favorite items are loom, weaves, herbs, papyrus, spells and … calendar. Author of this page and much of the garment for the rest of the group.
Head of Foundations Supervisory Board.

Andrzej Przychodni (Andreas Gobinus)

Iron Man. Barbarian aspect of our civilized antiquity. Currently Romanized in the extent allowing him
to join the army (foederati), but it’s not his last achievement on this way. Member of Supervisory

Foundation is supported by:

GMV Pro Antica Society- Legio XIIII GMV

These, who started Roman reenactment in Poland. The most distinguished group, with enormous achievements at popularization of Roman army and culture glory in Poland. Veterans in adequate, ancient meaning of this word.

RapaxLegio XXI Rapax

The largest in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe Roman reenactment group, focused at Rome’s military supremacy period of the first century AD. Unit of heavy infantry supported by mercenary cavalryman. They’ve got their own fully equipped marching camp, including kitchen and hospital. International group gathering under aquila wings recruits from Poland, Germany, Austria and Hungary.

HellasHellas et Roma Society

The personalization of reasons why the Rome collapsed. Not dominated yet, but already fascinated by Hellenic culture. People of antiquity. Craftsmen and reenactments, who with the skill of the ancient masters can prepare an ancient shoe and summer dress, with the same accuracy and devotion would recreate kids toy and mosaic in a bathroom. Their art merges careless of Plaut comedy with cruelty of myrmillon and retiarius fight.

ŚSDP Świętokrzyskie Stowarzyszenie Dziedzictwa Przemysłowego

HollyCross Mountains Industrial Heritage Society. – With no doubt the basic reason of collapsing the Rome. People overwhelmed by iron production, which revolutionized antiquity in extent similar to what silicon in last century did. In reconstructed furnaces, originals of which were erected two thousand years ago along Vistula banks, they try to achieve the result similar to historical one. Since they’re still trying, the West can sleep peacefully. Nevertheless, taking under consideration the value of competition instead of final result, we have no objection to sit by their fire as well.

FerrataTerra Ferrata

Barbarians from Rzeszów. Heartless history tool, used to collapse the Rome. Not only fans of Germanic culture, but generally supporters of these values, which Romans considered as barbaric. No offence intended. With the lack of own written sources, their activity is mainly basing at archeological excavations and practical experiments. We use to trade with each other.

Celtica Society

they’d fallen because of their own fault, but Rome could rise due to what they did. Our friends, who find peculiar pleasure in reminding others, that they find them as intruders in their European home. People fascinated by endemic culture, traces of which can be found from territory of present Turkey to Scotland. Warriors, craftsmen and artists. And they dance pretty well too..